Equipment Rental

Boating Equipment

We can provide the following rafts with lightweight rowing frames and oars or as paddle boats. All boats are provided with a pump, patch kit, rowing frame with a seat/storage box (as required), bow and stern lines, appropriate cargo nets and a limited selection of cargo straps and line. We do not ask for a damage deposit on our boats but will charge our costs to repair any but minor punctures. Such costs can be significant if shipping the boat to the dealer in Anchorage is required. If a boat is damaged beyond practical repair, we will charge our replacement cost.

14' NRS Self-bailing rafts

Oar-rigged weight is 180 lbs and paddle raft weight (with 6 paddles) is 150 lbs. $65/day.

Life Jackets

We keep a limited number of Lotus Rio Grande life jackets which we rent for $20/jacket/trip. Sizes we have are S/M and L/XL.

VHF air-band communication transceivers.


Bear Resistant Storage Containers

Plastic backpaker type containers

Weight about 3 lbs. $2/day.

Steel Split rim barrel

These are steel storage barrels with a secure lid. You should bring heavy plastic bags to put inside to protect against water. We only have a few of these with capacities ranging from 10-20 gallons. Weights are 16-20 lbs. $3/day.