Travel Information

Ideally, I try to make arrangements to meet you on your arrival at either Fort Yukon or Arctic Village and have you returned to one of these villages in time to catch an airplane back to Fairbanks on the same day. However, for various reasons, this is sometimes not possible and when I book your flights, I will inform you of likely delays on either end of your trip. Also, because of weather and other unforeseeable circumstances, delays can occur. I have good communication and cooperation with the scheduled carriers whom I coordinate with and can normally resolve problems with missed flights. Nevertheless, as a reasonable precaution, you should be prepared to spend a night at the village/s where you will arrive or depart from. You should also plan to have at least one — and preferably two — layover days in Fairbanks or Anchorage on your return, especially if your travel arrangements from these places are inflexible.