Fort Yukon

Scheduled Flights serving Fort Yukon:

Fort Yukon is a predominantly Athabaskan Indian town of about 600 people at the confluence of the Yukon and Porcupine rivers. The village is accessible only by air and is served by several scheduled air carriers with frequent flights. There are sporadic hotel and B&B accommodation and there is a grocery store and post office within walking distance of the airport but it’s best to plan on being self-sufficient upon arrival here. Should your plans require you to spend the night we can point you to a place to pitch your tent with access to fresh water and an outhouse.

Yukon Air Service is based in the southeast corner of the commercial aircraft loading ramp. There is a sign and a group of fuel tanks in front of the buildings and various storage containers from which I operate. Normally I will meet your airplane on arrival here, but if I am delayed for any reason, please wait nearby until I arrive and can let you know when your flight/s will be.