Scheduled Flights

Because they are well known for their resourcefulness and consideration for the special requirements of groups traveling in the bush, I prefer to coordinate my work with Wright Air Service’s scheduled service between Fairbanks and Fort Yukon or Arctic Village. I will advise you about which flights to book reservations on. Make reservations early and be sure to tell them about your excess baggage requirements.

Contact Wright Air Service at (907) 474-0502 or at www.wrightair.net.

Frontier Flying Service provides the only service between Kaktovik and Fairbanks or Anchorage and also offer service between Fort Yukon and these cities. Please discuss your plans with me before making travel arrangements with Frontier since there are important considerations relevant to coordinating with their service. Make reservations early, be explicit about how much baggage you have and be sure to get written confirmation that you and your equipment will travel together.

Contact Frontier at (907) 474-0014 or at www.frontierflying.com.