Arctic Village

Scheduled flights serving Arctic Village:

Arctic Village is an Athabaskan Indian village of approximately 150 people on the banks of the East Fork of the Chandalar River. It borders the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and is situated within the privately owned Venetie Indian Reservation.

There are two aircraft loading areas in Arctic Village. We have moved from the mid-field area to the new loading area at the northern end of the airstrip. You will find our fuel tanks and staging area here with our name on them. If I am not here when you arrive, please wait nearby until I arrive and can let you know when your flight/s will be.

The village includes a post office and a modest store and is about a mile from the airport.

There are several rules to consider when visiting Arctic Village:

  • The village does not allow the importation or use of alcohol. You may transit through the town with alcohol, but you must not consume or leave it here.
  • There are no arrangements for handling trash or provision for fresh water. If spending the night here, you will need to plan for this as if you are in the Refuge. You will need a means to treat water and should plan to proceed to your next destination with all your trash. There are no toilets and while here you should observe the same ‘no trace’ guidelines commonly observed in most wilderness areas today.
  • The village council has established fees for people using the airport as a transit point to or from the Arctic Refuge. These include the following charges which I have agreed to collect from my customers on the village’s behalf
Charged only once per visit to the Arctic Refuge for anyone using the village airport as a transit point.
$5 per person
Charged once for each occasion that you camp here for any reason.
$5 per person
Charged for each aircraft landing associated with transporting your party.
$25 per landing