Scheduled flights serving Kaktovik:

Kaktovik (sometimes referred to as Barter Island) is an Inupiat Eskimo town of about 250 people on the Beaufort Sea coast between the mouth of the Jago and Okpilak rivers. Occasionally we arrange to meet or leave parties here, and backpackers or those paddling the rivers or coast sometimes end their trips here. All accommodation and travel costs on the North Slope are high and you should consider this carefully when planning any travel in this region.

Camping is allowed in the area and there are two hotels with dining rooms open to all. You can find details of these and other facilities at the City’s web-site found in the Resources section of this site.

You can make connections between Kaktovik and other North Slope communities including Prudhoe Bay and Barrow with Frontier Flying Service. Frontier is the only carrier offering flights between Kaktovik and Fairbanks and Anchorage.

Fog is a persistent phenomenon along the northern coast and disruption of flight schedules here is common.