Access and Timing

I can support visits to most areas within and around the Arctic Refuge during the period between mid June and the first week of August. My season normally begins at the beginning of June for base-camping and hiking trips, but remaining snow, aufeis, and high water in the rivers throughout the Refuge may restrict access to a number of locations and because of this, float trips are usually delayed until around the 10 th of June at the earliest.

From the beginning of August, the north-slope and coastal weather become increasingly volatile and a significant factor in planning for trips here. This is when I begin limiting my commitments along the coast and coastal plain. The smaller your group and simpler your trip logistics, the more likely it is that I’ll be able to support your travels in these regions later than this.

With certain exceptions, most areas on the south side of the continental divide, and a few locations close to the divide on the north side of the Brooks, are normally accessible throughout my normal operating season of June through mid-September.