Your Experience

Previous experience of traveling in the wilderness is important, but it is usually possible to plan a trip here which can safely address your limitations or concerns. You should be equipped for and competent in map reading and navigation as well as in independent travel for extended periods in alternately cold, wet, windy, and hot, dry weather. You should also be familiar with standard practices for avoiding problems with bears and the use and limitations of whatever deterrents you choose.

For backpackers or floating parties, it is important to realize that once I drop you off it is usually necessary for you to carry out the plans we’ve agreed on. Consequently, you must assess your capabilities conservatively. If you are uncertain about your abilities, it may be wise to try a base-camping trip, plan a short, loop backpacking trip which ends where you began or to join a guided trip.

Bringing the contents of an outdoor equipment store is a poor compensation for inexperience and a careful selection of versatile, light and compact clothing, equipment and food is most appropriate when traveling in bush airplanes in remote country.