Extended and Combination Trips

Ten to fourteen days is a popular length for most trips. Of course, shorter trips can always be arranged and longer unsupported backpacking trips are sometimes undertaken by those confident about their ability to carry the necessary supplies. For float trips and base-camping, your ability to bring extra supplies can extend your time out substantially.

You can also organize longer and more complex trips by pre-positioning a food or equipment cache along your route or by arranging to rendezvous with a re-supply flight. If you simply require a food-cache for backpacking, pre-positioning a cache in bear-resistant containers is sometimes a good approach. For those planning a trip with separate backpacking and floating segments, I normally arrange a mid-trip flight to reduce the chance of bears or ground squirrels destroying unprotected equipment. Base-campers are limited only by their budget and my ability to access different areas to move and re-supply them. I have secure, dry storage for any equipment or supplies at my base in Fort Yukon, but you will need to have everything you need for this arranged in advance of your departure.