My Limitations

There are no runways and limited floatplane access within the most desirable areas of the Arctic Refuge. To provide access I utilize a range of naturally occurring features such as gravel river bars, alluvial fans, tundra benches, beaches and barrier islands and some of the ridges in the foothills of the mountains as landing areas. Variable seasonal conditions such as the advancement of the spring thaw and the extent of remaining snow-pack, aufeis and standing water as well as more routine considerations of temperature, wind, thunderstorm activity, high-water from glacial discharge and heavy precipitation are some of the many factors which affect the serviceability of many of the landing areas in the Refuge. Experience normally allows me to plan appropriately for the requirements of your trip but sometimes unforeseen circumstances can require an alteration of plans. I will always do my best to meet your objectives, however, safe, reliable operations as well as impact on the land and environment will always be my primary considerations.