Hunting and Fishing

Anyone fishing or hunting in Alaska must have an appropriate license and harvest tags. These can be purchased at many stores in Fairbanks or through the internet. I do not necessarily stay abreast of fishing and hunting regulations so you must familiarize yourself with these before you arrive.

Although the Arctic Refuge covers a large area and has relatively few visitors, hunters should recognize that the combination of short hunting seasons, low overall animal densities, local concentrations of game, localized hunting pressure and logistics’ considerations all conspire to reduce the choice of feasible areas available to hunt any particular animal. To insure a satisfactory hunt, you should consider whether you would be willing to come regardless of the outcome of your hunt.

I do not provide any guiding or outfitting services but concentrate my effort on providing reliable and safe transportation to the range of logistically feasible areas that typically provide reasonable access to the animals you are trying to hunt. With the exception of river floaters, who can separate themselves, I do not normally put more than one party in a given location. Despite this, some of the locations I use are also used by other pilots, hunters and commercial guides and I can make no assurances of solitude for your hunting.